Stoya Workaholic Stoya Workaholic

Stoya Workaholic

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STOYA: WORKAHOLIC from Digital Playground director Robby D. is about the corruption of innocence and how fun it is. Sweet country girl Stoya moves to Los Angeles to start a new life. It`s not long before Stoya is lured by the temptation of sex and money. Her friend Carmel Moore makes thousands of dollars each day by picking the right boyfriends: Guys with large members and larger wallets. Stoya witnesses some of Carmel`s friends like Angelina Valentine and Vanessa Leon profiting off a good romp in the sack. She can`t help the excitement which comes from the thrill of voyeurism and the thought of money. Loving the idea of being compensated for time on her back, Stoya is soon draining the men of Los Angeles in more ways than one. This sinfully fun feature is Digital Playground`s guide to a great time!

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